Julianin dvor Bratislava, Vrakuňa

Project start: 11/2019

Project end:     02/2021

Project budget:   1 750 000,- € excl. VAT

New building of eight family houses each with 3 housing units.

First floor is projected as a daily part of the apartment while night part of the apartment is situated on second floor in every unit. All units are 4-rooms. Daily part of the apartment is connected the the exterior with the terrace, which is always averted from the street. Night part of the apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, where 2 of them are averted from the street and one bedroom is facing the street. The floors are connected by the staircase.

Vertical support system of the family houses are designed as a brick wall made with ceramic ground blocks. Ceilings are made with monolitic ferro-concrete panels. All the houses have flat roofs, are insulated and partially covered with brick tiles.

Contact : Rastislav Habán

                  tel.: 0905 276 435


Predseda predstavenstva
Ing. Jozef Hutko
0907 812 845

Podpredseda predstavenstva
Ing. Vladimír Mušák
0907 812 846