Extension of the TATRAKON complex, Poprad

Project start: 12/2018

Project end: 02/2020

Project budget: 6 443 139,- € excl. VAT

The building is located in the Poprad Matejovce industrial zone. The building consists of three production halls H1, H2, H3. The whole building is designed as a ground floor, single storey with dimensions 116x55m. The hall s own prefabricated reinforced concrete supporting structure consists of a set of reinforced concrete elements- columns, trusses, stiffeners and auxiliary steel structures. The roof cladding is designed as a composite of trapezoidal sheel metal, polystyrene roof with fire strips. The wall cladding is made of sandwich panels. The floor is PurCem Sikafloor cement screed. Slots fillings are plastic with insulating triple glazing.


Contact : Ing. Vladimír Jalakša

Tel. :       0903 525 881


Predseda predstavenstva
Ing. Jozef Hutko
0907 812 845

Podpredseda predstavenstva
Ing. Vladimír Mušák
0907 812 846