A3UM poly-functional object Rovinka

Project start: 02/2020

Project end:     02/2021

Project budget:   3 600 000,- € excl. VAT

Construction of the poly-functional object is comprised of four above-ground floors and one under-ground floor. Object is planned with 49 apartments, 48 under-ground garage parking slots and several commercial spaces for retail business.

Vertical support system of the building is projected as a system of columns and walls made of reinforced concrete with additional steel columns. Horizontal support system is created with ferro-concrete monolithic non-drained panels. Perimeter cladding will be insulated with polystyrene and mineral facade wool where necessary. The roof is single-sheating and flat with layers partially walkable and vegetational. Slots fillings are made of aluminium.


Predseda predstavenstva
Ing. Jozef Hutko
0907 812 845

Podpredseda predstavenstva
Ing. Vladimír Mušák
0907 812 846